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WHAT EXACTLy is THE Powerbreather


more fun while swimming

We have developed the Powerbreather in order to make swimming easier. The Powerbreather is an innovative snorkelling system that facilitates breathing during swimming instantly. You can fully concentrate on the rhythm of your strokes without having to move your head, without swallowing water, and without having to clear your snorkel. By means of two air tubes, the Powerbreather will  supply you with 100% fresh air at all times - no matter for how long or how vigorously you swim.

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explore new worlds

Get your fins on, grab your Powerbreather, and head into the next adventure. The Powerbreather ist the only snorkel that does not have to be cleared forcefully when diving. Intelligent valves prevent water from entering and let any potential water during longer and deeper dives escape automatically when exhaling naturally, allowing you to continue breathing immediately once you arrive at the surface. The one-way aeration system thereby constantly supplies you with fresh, oxygen-rich air.

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We have developed the Powerbreather in order to make swimming easier and more accessible for people all around the word. The Powerbreather is an innovative snorkeling system (swim snorkel) that helps you breathe easily while you swim. You can fully concentrate on the rhythm of your strokes without having to move your head, without swallowing water, and without having to clear your snorkel. The Powerbreather will supply you with 100% fresh air at all times - no matter for how long or how vigorously you swim.

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Strap on your fins, slip on your Powerbreather, and go exploring. The Powerbreather is the only snorkel that allows you to dive into the deep without having to blow out water when coming back to the water surface. Smart valves keep water out, and one-way airflow tubes keeps you supplied with fresh, oxygen-rich air. The underwater world is now your oyster.

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become a Powerbreather

the POWERBREATHER is intended for whom


Breathe in the water as freely and relaxed as never before. With the Powerbreather you can glide through water relaxed – the two air channels of the Powerbreather supply you with 100% fresh air at all times, while the innovative valve system ensures that no water enters. Breathe in and out completely relaxed, without the fear of swallowing and trust yourself to the element of water.

Even children can use the Powerbreather without any problem. Most of them start swimming right away as they have never done anything else.

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Swimming is especially gentle on joints and ligaments, and at the same time is perfect for building muscles and improving endurance.

It is therefore perfect for those who had to put up with mobility limitations for quite some time, perhaps due to an injury or for any other reasons such as a herniated disc.

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Start tomorrow’s training now!

The Powerbreather offers new opportunities for improving strength endurance, lung function, and technique.

The special version for professional swimmers (LAP edition) has been developed, amongst others, for quick flip turns in the pool. The Powerbreather further allows you to swim with different breathing resistances. As a result, you can set new training stimuli in regard to oxygen balance and endurance capacity. For more variety during preparation and new best times during competitions!

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This revolutionary sports device allows users to focus on technique and, for the first time, improve strength endurance and respiratory muscle function.

“In the future, the Powerbreather will be an essential training tool for swimmers of any performance and age category. It is the perfect training device in terms of design, functionality, and effectiveness”, says Henning Lambertz, head national trainer Swimming of the German Swimming Federation (DSV).

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Breathe as naturally in the water as you do onshore.

Using the Powerbreather, you can comfortably move through the water – the two air tubes of the Powerbreather supply you with 100% fresh water at all the time. The innovative valve system ensures that no water can enter

Even kids can handle the Powerbreather easily. Most of them start swimming with it right away, as if they had never done anything else.

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Schwimmen IST GESUND

Schwimmen gilt als besonders schonend für Gelenke und Bänder, gleichzeitig eignet es sich hervorragend dazu, Muskeln und Kondition aufzubauen.

Deshalb ist es ideal für alle, die längere Zeit eine Bewegungseinschränkung hinnehmen mussten, etwa wegen einer Verletzung oder aus anderen Gründen, wie zum Beispiel einem Bandscheibenvorfall.

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Starte jetzt dein Training von morgen

Der Powerbreather ermöglicht völlig neue Möglichkeiten, Kraftausdauer, Lungenfunktion und Technik zu verbessern.

Das spezielle Modell für Leistungsschwimmer (LAP Edition) erlaubt dir, mit verschiedenen Atemwiderständen zu schwimmen und ist ausserdem für schnelle Rollwenden im Becken entwickelt. So kannst du neue Trainingsreize im Bereich des Sauerstoffhaushalts und der Ausdauerleistung setzen. Für mehr Abwechslung in der Vorbereitung und für neue Bestzeiten im Wettkampf!

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Namhafte Olympiasieger, Weltmeister und Weltrekordler aus den Sportarten Schwimmen und Triathlon haben den Powerbreather bereits fest in ihr Training eingebaut.


Das revolutionäre Sportgerät ermöglichst die Konzentration auf die Technik und erstmals ist auch eine Verbesserung der Kraftausdauer sowie Atemmuskulatur möglich.

„Der Powerbreather wird in Zukunft ein unverzichtbares Trainingsgerät für Schwimmer jeglicher Leistungs- und Altersspanne sein. Er ist ein vom Design, der Funktionalität und der Wirksamkeit perfekt entwickeltes Trainingstool“, erklärt Henning Lambertz, Chef-Bundestrainer Schwimmen im Deutschen Schwimm-Verband (DSV).

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what distinguishes the powerbreather from a snorkel

The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the difference!

Two separated inhalation and exhalation channels

Unlike traditional snorkels, the Powerbreather completely separates inhalation (through both tubes) from exhalation (through the mouthpiece), so only fresh, oxygen-rich air enters your lungs. The Powerbreather is the first fresh air snorkel in the world!

100% Fresh air

The revolutionary FRESH AIR SYSTEM completely separates inhalation from exhalation. No more mixing CO2 when inhaling oxygen (pendulum breathing) as with conventional snorkels.

Patented valve technology

Inhaling deeply without the fear of swallowing – made possible with the Powerbreather due to its innovative valve technology and smart design. The specifically developed diffusors prevents water from entering the system. At the same time, the natural humidity of inhaled air as well as occasional water will be automatically transported out of the system when exhaling.


100% fresh air


Pendulum breathing


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