Athletes & Triathletes

Tomorrow’s training starts today!

Push yourself, focus on your technique, and strengthen your endurance without turning your head or fighting for air. The special version for professional swimmers (LAP edition) has been developed, amongst others, for quick flip turns in the pool.

By varying the membranes installed in the SPEED VENTS, resistance and air volume can be modified when inhaling. That allows you to specifically train your breathing technique, strengthen respiratory muscles as well as setting an additional training stimulus due to subsequent oxygen deficit. So start setting new goals, and keep reaching them.


The Powerbreather is especially suitable in regard to the “continuous training method”, which is very popular in triathlon training: By this you can thoroughly follow through with a constantly vigorous or extensive load within one training session. If swimming has not yet been your favorite discipline, training with the Powerbreather will change that.

Due to the FRESH AIR SYSTEM the triathletes can do specific swim endurance training sessions in the pool or in open water, which in return has a positive effect on cycling and running performance.

By the way: The modular principle of the Powerbreather offers you valve systems with different valve intensities, allowing you to increase the breathing resistance and to further increase your stamina by a targeted training of breathing technique and respiratory muscles. This way you can adjust your Powerbreather perfectly based on your training targets.