Trainers & Clubs

Freestyle Made EasyWhen a student makes quick progress, both student and trainer are happy. When it comes to a complex, technically demanding movement such as Freestyle, a swim snorkel like the Powerbreather is the perfect training tool.  With Powerbreather, it is not necessary anymore to turn the head for breathing. The swimmer can keep a stable […]

Athletes & Triathletes

Tomorrow’s training starts today!Push yourself, focus on your technique, and strengthen your endurance without turning your head or fighting for air. The Powerbreather offers new Opportunities for improving strength, endurance, lung function and technique. The Powerbreather LAP and WAVE editions have both been developed to work during quick flip-turns in the pool. The Powerbreather can also […]

Fun in the water

Be in your Element Breathe freely. With a Powerbreather, you can relax as you calmly glide through the water. The two-channel breathing system of the Powerbreather supplies you with 100% fresh air at all times, the innovative valve system ensures that no water enters. Breathe in and out completely relaxed, without the fear of inhaling water.  Even […]