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Swimming in open waters – 6 useful tools & tips

Whether you’re on vacation at the seaside or swimming at the lake – a snorkel is a great accessory you should have with you. Today we’ll show you the advantages of the Powerbreather, which can give you a special experience when swimming in open waters. This is true for both professionals and amateurs. We would also like to share some tips with you on what you should consider when swimming in open waters.

Swimming aids for adults – what is useful and really helps?

According to surveys by the DLRG (German Lifeguards’ Association), one out of four adults in Germany cannot swim. This may have different reasons, e.g. a missed swimming course as a child, fear of water or people coming from a culture where people don’t usually learn to swim.
No matter what the exact reasons are for someone not being able to swim, most people affected have one thing in common: they want to do something about the situation.
The ability to swim can save lives – either your own or someone else’s. Additionally many adult non-swimmers may be embarrassed to admit this to their peers and often conceal the fact that they cannot swim.

Powerbreather vs. POWERbreathe – What is the difference?

Recently we have been asked more often about a product called “POWERbreathe”, which is very
similar to our swimming snorkel, the Powerbreather.
To avoid confusion in the future, we decided to
publish this article to clear up any ambiguities with
our customers.
In short: The POWERbreath is, like the Powerbreather, a possible aid for athletes. We emphasize
that it has nothing to do with our company. The very similar product names are pure coinc
and not intended. Nevertheless we want to give you a short overview of what the POWERbreathe is
all about.

Why swimming is the best sport when you want to do something for your health

Everyone knows that sports and exercise are healthy. But swimming in particular offers some very special advantages – in this article we´re going to show you which ones.   Especially in summer many of us are drawn to swimming pools. While many people sunbathe by the pool and only take a dip in the water […]

Trainers & Clubs

Freestyle Made Easy When a student makes quick progress, both student and trainer are happy. When it comes to a complex, technically demanding movement such as Freestyle, a swim snorkel like the Powerbreather is the perfect training tool.   With Powerbreather, it is not necessary anymore to turn the head for breathing. The swimmer can keep […]