About us

It all started with the vision of a passionate swimmer. A German scholar, living on the Balearic Islands, and three other partners wanted nothing more than for “humans to move more easily and unrestrictedly in the water”. From there emerged the idea of a breathing device that fits perfectly to the head and provides the swimmer and the snorkeler with fresh air at all times. The idea of the POWERBREATHER was born.

This was years ago. A revolutionary idea takes more than one person believing in it for becoming reality: developers and product designers, investors and experienced managers. With AMEO a confident, interdisciplinary team is backing the POWERBREATHER today. We are all enthusiastic, active athletes who have come together to launch meaningful and beneficial products in the market. We are united in our enthusiasm for the POWERBREATHER and the potential it offers to athletes of all classes. It is our objective to give swimmers, triathletes and snorkelers a very new feeling of freedom in the water. At the same time we want to encourage people to stretch their limits, discovering new horizons. In the pool and far beyond.

AMEO is headquartered in Tutzing near Munich, Germany. Its home is in the Bavarian “Five-Lake Region” – the region with one of the finest landscapes where one can swim in open water.

The AMEO Team