The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the POWERBREATHER unique. Contrary to a conventional snorkel you breathe in and out via two completely separated channels. Thereby only fresh, oxygen-rich air gets into your lungs. At the same time the innovative ventilation technology prevents water getting in. The result: You breathe in the water exactly as naturally as on land.

The revolutionary AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM completely separates breathing in and out for the first time. The breathing air is sucked in via two parallel air channels (D-Tubes) with an innovative ventilation system at both ends. Air ejection is effected via another valve on the mouthpiece. You thus breathe in exclusively fresh air during swimming. There is no danger that – as with conventional snorkels – part of the much CO2-containing breathing out air gets back into your lungs. That can be problematic particularly during long swimming and heightened exertion. In the worst case this so-called oscillation breathing can result in cramps and even numbness.

No matter how long and intensive you train: The POWERBREATHER excludes the risk of oscillation breathing. It thus fulfils all pre-conditions for an effective strength-endurance training.
Breathing in deeply without fear of choking – that’s what the POWERBREATHER achieves through its innovative ventilation technology and sophisticated construction. Together with specifically developed diffusers it keeps water reliably out of the system. At the same time the natural humidity of the breathing air, as well as occasional water, are automatically transported outside when breathing out. Consequently you are always able to breathe in unobstructed. Even flip turns are possible with selected POWERBREATHER models without water getting into the respiratory ducts.

Conclusion: A free and dry air channel gives you maximum security and thus an absolutely relaxed feeling.