Perfect ergonomics

Unobstructed view, low water resistance, and secure positioning without strain – those are the characteristics that make the POWERBREATHER comfortable to wear. All the important components can be adjusted easily and individually. The mouthpiece can be adjusted continuously using the EASY Fit Air Junction, which also brings the D-Tubes (air channels) that run parallel over the cheeks into the properly angled position. A unique twist lock system, used for the first time in swimming, allows for a perfect position on the head. Thanks to the AMEO Twist Lock System one single move with your hand is all it takes to secure the POWERBREATHER, thus always sitting properly without any strain.
Another advantage: Contrary to existing swim snorkels, the POWERBREATHER does not obstruct your sight, ensuring a viewing angle of 180 degrees. Swimmer and POWERBREATHER will become one unit – for easy floating!