Tips for breathing in the water for the first time

Ease in
Take a few breaths while wearing the POWERBREATHER out of the water. Then while standing with secure footing in shallow water, submerge your mouth and nose and breathe deeply in and out gently through your mouth until you become accustomed to breathing with the POWERBREATHER (for approximately 2-3 minutes).

Experiment with exhales
Practice breathing out through your nose as well. However, after breathing out through your nose for 3 times, you must fully breathe out through the mouth for at least one time.

Begin to swim
Next, begin an easy crawl or breaststroke. Allow your head to remain face down in the water. Turning your head to the side to inhale, as is common with the crawl, is no longer necessary with the POWERBREATHER. Gradually increase the intensity of your swim.

Good to know

  • Inhale only when the valve system of the D-TUBE is completely above the surface of the water.
  • Breathe in through your mouth only.
  • Breathe out primarily through your mouth.
  • When using for the first time, do not use any FLIP CAPS.