Flip turn

Performing"dry" flip turns with the Powerbreather is very easy. The only thing important is

a) to perfectly master the flip turn technique including the proper breathing technique, and
b) to read the notes in the user manual and to watch the video designated for this topic, before performing the flip turn for the first time while using the Powerbreather.

Users of conventional front snorkels must forget everything they learned about the exhaling technique during flip turns, in order to use the Powerbreather properly. Forcefully blowing out water in the snorkel is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Powerbreather. In fact, the Powerbreather recreates the natural breathing technique even during the flip turn, making it unnecessary for swimmers to deviate from the textbook-style breathing technique.
The key to an all-time dry flip turn using the Powerbreather can be found in 3 essential basic rules for breathing:

1) The predominant part of the inhaled air – approx. 80% - via mouth
2) Relaxed, without pressure (no need to blow out as with front snorkels!)
3) After pushing away from the pool wall when in prone position – not in lateral position – exhale.

...exhale through the mouth without pressure when in prone position. Less experienced swimmers often do not recognize that they mainly exhale through the nose when making a flip turn. People who do that will always find water in the D-Tubes when getting back to the surface.

Practice a few times consciously, and you will definitely get the hang of doing dry flip turns. Once you are there, you will not want to do flip turns with any training equipment other than the Powerbreather.