Jan von Hofacker

Managing Director

Water fascinates Jan von Hofacker. In its beauty, but also as a primal element. During all his life he was close to it: he grew up near Lake Starnberg, where he also resides today again. A part of his school years he spent near Lake Ammer, his job as a qualified banker and MBA led him temporarily to Hamburg. To move in the water like a dolphin, to sail along effortlessly as once Michael Groß, was his dream of all times. The movie Big Blue made a great impression on him: “For me these are images with unbelievable power.” The question, if the POWERBREATHER brings him closer to this dream, Jan answers: “Absolutely. First I tried it out in the sea and I was enthusiastic. For the first time I could just swim for half an hour and glory in the beauty of being in the water. Gaze through the goggles into the deep… and thinking of nothing else. I tell everyone: swimming with the POWERBREATHER is addictive. Particularly in the sea. But this you have to experience yourself.”

As an entrepreneur you must be able to wait
Professionally, for Jan the POWERBREATHER is the symbiosis to link the desire to build something as an entrepreneur and his passion for “sports”. Already during his time at university he knew that in future he would play a leading role. “I want to change things. This is a very strong desire I have.” In the financial world he made a name for himself with a completely new financing concept in the beginning of this millennium. However, the global financial crisis around the Lehman Brothers insolvency stopped him flying high. An experience, which has left a mark on him, with regard to selecting his partners, the product, the way to deal with things. Jan, whose marathon best time is far below three hours, says: “During the years I had to learn not always to lead, but also to facilitate others, their creativity and sense of responsibility. Realism and the ability to wait are important skills for an entrepreneur.”
Whether jogging or cycling, wind surfing, cross-country skiing or – as of late – even paragliding: for Jan it is a basic need to move outdoors. Here good equipment is no status symbol, but proves its quality mainly through comfort and the service philosophy of its manufacturer. Requirements that he also applies to AMEO and its products: “Close proximity to the customer is incredibly important. For this reason I love to be at the swimming pool and to set up the POWERBREATHER for people with my own hands. There I find out: what is the topic?”

All you do comes somehow back to you
Today, Jan cannot imagine his life as salaried managing director: “For this, my thinking is too holistic. I only do things that I can answer for with my values. I want to achieve my objectives with good feelings.” Correspondingly, he waited long with the POWERBREATHER, until the moment arrived when it felt “good and right to launch it.” Now, in 2015, the moment has finally come.

„Sport is one of my elements. I need to move in nature. Also to find my balance. It is a necessity.“

„I am all right as a man in charge, because... I also like to be challenged.“