Top athletes are enthusiastic: top swimmers and triathletes were among the first to test the POWERBREATHER. Whether in open water or the pool, during training or relaxation – the result was unanimous: No one wants to do without the POWERBREATHER anymore.

Jan Frodeno

Jan Frodeno:

Triathlon Olympic champion, Ironman World gold medallist 2015 Ironman 70.3 World gold medallist 2015

„My personal priority is the economics of my swimming style. My aim is to transfer my clean right stroke to the left. That’s possible without any problem at steady units, but as soon as it gets tough, I simply clobber the water, particularly with my left arm. I greatly benefit from being able to permanently breathe fresh air with the POWERBREATHER.
In short, the POWERBREATHER is an innovative, new technical aid. With it I can fully concentrate on the forward motion in order to get as quickly as possible from A to B at the end, or – in the sea, if time is not an issue – to incessantly watch the turtles and dolphins.

In addition the POWERBREATHER is the perfect tool for training the so-called ’long-term method’: long, uninterrupted units in open water – always in balance. And it facilitates a simulation of hypoxia training.“
Thomas Lurz

Thomas Lurz:

Open water swimmer,
12-time World champion,
2012 Olympic silver medallist

„For me the POWERBREATHER is the ideal training tool to improve my technique and, at the same time, increase my lung volume. Design, fitting accuracy and functionality are unique in swimming. With each breathing in you always get fresh air and not expended air as with conventional snorkels. As an additional training variation I can now reduce the air supply step by step for the first time in order to simulate tougher conditions. I am really enthusiastic about that.

The POWERBREATHER is a great asset for me, whether I train professionally or simply watch fish in the sea and relax. I can strongly recommend it to every high performance or hobby athlete as a genial – and in particular – better alternative to conventional snorkels.“
Steffen Deibler

Steffen Deibler:

World record holder 50m butterfly

„I always have to try new ways in order to achieve ever faster times and better results. Thus I can set myself new incentives. The POWERBREATHER provides a great opportunity for this. Various breathing resistances and a permanent supply of fresh air open up new, effective training possibilities in the water – at a steady position in the water as I do no longer have to turn my head for breathing. Good for professionals as well as for beginners.“