Listen to the beat of your heart, to the power of your breathing. Feel the rhythm of your motion. Enjoy the feeling of being totally surrounded by water but for all that still always getting enough air. Experience the fascination of swimming anew – with the POWERBREATHER.

Discover what the feeling for water means. Focus totally on floating and gliding in the wet element. The POWERBREATHER enables you a steady position in the water during freestyle swimming with even, symmetrical arm strokes. Without having to move your head for breathing, you relax your neck and shoulder muscles, and build up a perfect body tension resulting in a steady, reliable forward motion.
Shift your limits. If maximum performance is your aim, then the POWERBREATHER is your ideal partner. It certainly draws you out of your shell. During style training it opens the range to highly intensive units and drives you to new perfection and dynamics. During endurance training it can beam you to a new dimension by unfamiliar training incentives. Go for it!
Be it at the pool, the beach, or in open water. With the POWERBREATHER will have today the must-have of tomorrow. It’s futuristic and award-winning design attracts attention and guarantees that you are the talk of the day. Are you ready to set the trend?