Fun in the water

Discover water as your element

Breathe in the water as freely and relaxed as never before. With the Powerbreather you can glide through water relaxed – the two air channels of the Powerbreather supply you with 100% fresh air at all times, while the innovative valve system ensures that no water enters. Breathe in and out completely relaxed, without the fear of swallowing and trust yourself to the element of water.

Even children can use the Powerbreather without any problem. It can be adjusted to almost any head size – suitable for children age 9 and up. Most of them start swimming right away as they have never done anything else.

Health and balance are your targets?

Do you want to learn doing the crawl properly?

You want to swim to do something good for yourself and your body? This is exactly the reason the Powerbreather has been developed for.

Its revolutionary concept will ease your introduction to swimming the crawl. The Powerbreather reduces the complexity of movements, since you do not have to turn your head for breathing anymore. Very quickly will you be able to swim longer and enjoy the positive health benefits of swimming with the Powerbreather. After a short while you will get used to the slight initial breathing resistance caused by the valves of the innovative FRESH AIR SYSTEM. You will furthermore train the proper breathing technique when swimming: deep abdominal breathing.

This positively affects your endurance performance as well as your overall well-being in everyday life.

The snorkeling experience

With the Powerbreather you not only experience swimming differently, but you will also feel more comfortable during your snorkeling tours as you glide through water like a dolphin: the Powerbreather remains dry even underwater. Simply breathe in, dive down, then easily exhale through the mouth when you back up to the top, and continue snorkeling without blowing out water. Blast-clearing belongs to the past.