Health & Rehabilitation

Swimming is especially beneficial for joints and ligaments, and at the same time is excellent for building muscles and stamina. It is therefore perfect for anyone who suffered from limited mobility over a longer period of time, for example due to injury or because of any other reason such as disc herniation, with crawling absolutely being the healthiest swimming style.

Nevertheless, crawl swimming is technically very demanding, which is one of the reasons doctors do not recommend it that often, because only a few people actually master it. For this reason, physiotherapists and orthopedists usually recommend swimming the breaststroke or backstroke. But breaststroke, in particular, can cause injuries of the cervical spine and knee joints as well.

All of that change with the Powerbreather. The Powerbreather supplies the swimmer with fresh air, while the position of head and neck in the water remains straight, with no risk of hyperextending the back. Since it is no longer necessary to turn your head to the side for breathing, swimming freestyle and breaststroke becomes easier and less exhausting and you glide through water relaxed.

Asthma & COPD

Swimming and respiratory training is especially beneficial for people who suffer from lung diseases such as asthma & COPD. Different studies have shown that swimming, for example, can result in much better endurance, quality of life and stamina for mastering daily activities than other conventional fitness exercises outside the water.

People suffering from asthma & COPD benefit considerably from swimming with the Powerbreather. The Powerbreather facilitates training of breathing technique and respiratory muscles while swimming. Due to the valve technology of the FRESH AIR SYSTEM supports the learning of the swimmer is able to learn and practice active diaphragmatic breathing – also called abdominal breathing.

Thus, two of the most effective therapeutic measures account for a perfect combination – swimming and respiratory training. We have been receiving positive feedback from many of our customers suffering from asthma or COPD that their physical condition has improved tremendously since they have started swimming with the Powerbreather.