What is there to be considered when swimming the first time with the POWERBREATHER?

Even experienced swimmers should not immediately start swimming with the POWERBREATHER, but first familiarize with the new sports equipment. Best you find firm footing in shallow, no more than shoulder-deep water and put on your POWERBREATHER. Take a position where mouth and nose are under water. The D-TUBE ends should always stay above water! Now you can perfectly study breathing: most probably, in the beginning you will feel some resistance. This is caused by the membranes in the valve system, which on the one hand provides the swimmer with fresh air, and on the other hand prevents water from penetrating. After the first few swimming units with the POWERBREATHER you will hardly notice this resistance. In addition, you train your respiratory muscles, which again positively impacts on your endurance.
Only after inhaling and exhaling works perfectly you should start the first swimming movements. Find details in the User Manual.