What sets the POWERBREATHER apart from a traditional snorkel?

The basic differences between a POWERBREATHER and a traditional snorkel (e.g. by Finis, Arena or Aqua Sphere) are the following: 1) For the first time, the POWERBREATHER provides the swimmer with only fresh air, there is no health and performance reducing pendulum breathing (with undesirable CO2 accumulation) as with snorkeling; 2) The patented valve technology prevents water from penetrating, impulsive exhaling of water and saliva – as necessary with snorkels – is completely unnecessary, and the swimmer has always free air pipes to breathe; 3) Thanks to its D-TUBES running parallel to the temples (“dual snorkel”) as well as its innovative fastening system, the POWERBREATHER shows excellent ergonomics; at any speed it fits perfectly and stable at the head, and even during fast flip turns it does not shift; 4) Contrary to traditional snorkels, the swimmer can integrate additional respiratory muscle training with the POWERBREATHER in the water to increase the respiratory volume through different membrane resistance.