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The Powerbreather and me

I have been always passionate about swimming. I learned it as a toddler and have been enjoying it ever since. During my college years, I became a swimming instructor.

In 1997, a truck hit me from behind while I was waiting at the traffic lights. My lumbar vertebra suffered a fracture, but I did not know, I sustained other injuries drawing attention, including my cervical spine and eyes.

I recovered and thought everything was fine. I was working hard re-building a house with my husband, carried heavy things, spent long hours driving. Some 17 years later, my lumbar spine started collapsing. I underwent the first surgery in 2014. The second one came two years later. The doctors recommended swimming, specifically free-style, as the best rehabilitation. I was glad hearing that. However, I found it pretty challenging. Any rotation in my cervical and lumbar spine caused more problems than good. I tried numerous snorkels but was not happy with any of them. I was getting frustrated – I live in a perfect climate and can swim outdoors all year round, I should swim, but I cannot swim due to the all-limiting pain.

In 2017, I travelled to attend a conference and, bored, was going through the airline magazines. And there I saw it! It was a snorkel, but it was not a snorkel. In was the Powerbreather. It seemed rather expensive, however, intrigued by description of the technology, I decided to give it a chance. I could not wait to try.

Finally, my new Powerbreather was in my hands. To learn the breathing technique took no time. This was what I have been waiting for! No water going inside, no twisting or rotation moves. I enjoyed swimming again feeling free like a fish.

I go swimming in my lake or in the sea almost every day. I can imagine forgetting my towel, I can imagine forgetting my swimsuit, I but I cannot imagine forgetting my Powerbreather.

Kamilla //  Loves her Powerbreather