Which snorkel is right for me?

Not all snorkels are the same – we at Powerbreather know that very well. Nowadays there is a wide range of different models, which makes it hard for amateurs or beginners to find the right equipment.

First of all you should find out for yourself which goal you want to pursue with snorkelling now and in the future. With the following article we would like to make your decision easier if you don’t know exactly what kind of snorkel type you are.

The fun snorkeler

If you want to have fun in the water in your free time and do something good for your body at the same time, this is the category for you:

The beach type: You belong to this type if you enjoy snorkeling in the sea or if you just want to try it – there is hardly anything better on a beach holiday than exploring the fascinating underwater world with diving goggles and a snorkel. 

The better the equipment, the more fun you have – so you can enjoy the impressions under water completely without having to worry about salt water getting into your eyes or mouth or breathing heavily, which is unfortunately often the case with inferior products.

If you feel addressed here, we recommend our Powerbreather Beach Set, which contains a high-quality diving mask in addition to the snorkel. The included Powerbreather is delivered with two Speed Vent easy L attachments, which have an extra valve for open water and were especially developed for use in the sea – additionally you get a softcase with a zipper, which protects your equipment optimally from sand and sun when you´re not using it.

By the way, ascending and descending with the Powerbreather is also much more comfortable than with conventional snorkels, as water has no chance to enter the mask – so there is no need to blow out the snorkel when returning to the surface.

The hobby sportsman: If swimming is your hobby in order to keep fit, to clear your head and to escape from everyday stress, we can only recommend the Powerbreather Sport to you – the model is also ideally suited for recreational swimmers and will motivate you especially at the beginning, as you will always be supplied with 100 percent fresh air even with your head under water by our patented FRESH AIR SYSTEM. This way you will automatically last longer and can concentrate fully on your swimming technique.

Due to its technical features, our snorkel is ideal for learning to crawl or optimizing your technique if you already know the basics. The biggest advantage here is that it is no longer necessary to turn your head while breathing, which makes the swimming movements less complex and therefore more comfortable.

You will soon find out that you will have considerably more endurance with the Powerbreather – first of all you will probably notice that there is a slight breathing resistance when using our snorkel, even though all our customers report that this effect is no longer noticeable after a short time. Positive side effect: this way the breathing muscles are additionally stimulated.

The professional athlete

In professional water sports the Powerbreather offers completely new possibilities for training and competition. As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is also a big advantage not having to turn your head to breathe and to be able to concentrate fully on dynamics, rhythm and performance. 

For competitive swimmers, we also offer a special snorkel model, the so-called “LAP Edition”, which was designed for the increased challenges of professional sports.

Another advantage of this model is that you can increase or decrease the breathing resistance as you wish – depending on the attachments you use. This offers completely new possibilities, especially in the training phase, to optimize the oxygen balance and improve your own endurance. Flip turns can also be done easily with the Powerbreather without water ingress – you will never have to blow liquid out of your snorkel again.

For triathlon training: More and more triathletes swear by the Powerbreather – especially with the so-called “continuous method”, which is used in various sports disciplines, our snorkel is ideal. 

Here the focus is not on completing the longest possible swim distances, but rather on optimizing our own crawl technique. The aim of the training method is to be able to cover as long a distance as possible by means of a sophisticated and energy-saving swimming style.

The training is divided into intervals – within the intervals a certain distance, e.g. 50 meters, is covered with the cleanest possible crawl style and then a short break starts before the next interval. The duration of the training can be adjusted individually and increased according to performance.

With the Powerbreather you never have to worry about your breathing or swallowing water accidentally – especially in chlorinated pools this isn´t much fun. We guarantee that you will never want to train differently after you have tried our snorkels for the first time.

Especially when swimming is not your favourite discipline in triathlon anyway, the investment in a Powerbreather will pay off and you´ll enjoy it much more.

As mentioned before, our unique modular principle provides you with different valve systems whose membrane thickness varies – this means that you can increase or decrease the breathing resistance in the water at will depending on your training level and your daily form.

The increased breathing volume benefits you not least in your other disciplines, for example running and cycling.

Try it, you won’t regret it – we´re speaking from experience.

For swimming coaches and swimming clubs: Secure an unbeatable advantage when buying a snorkel.

You are a swimming coach and/or run your own club? In this case you would like to give your protégés not only a lot of fun and success in training, but you also want to stand out from the competition.

This is no problem with the Powerbreather, because there is no other tool that makes training easier and more effective than our snorkels.

Especially for beginners, our FRESH AIR SYSTEM, the wearing comfort and the prevention of water intrusion, lowers the inhibition threshold to start swimming and to keep it rolling afterwards. In addition, the Powerbreather offers an absolutely secure hold due to its specially developed closure system, so that it is almost impossible to lose it in the water – even during more complex swimming manoeuvres. Nevertheless, when it comes down to it, it can be removed from the head very easily and quickly with a little hit from behind against the Powerbreather.

Our club program: As a German company it is important for us to support the club business in our country as much as possible. For this reason we offer all our snorkel models for teams and clubs at special conditions – the more Powerbreathers are needed, the cheaper it gets for the buyer.

Our graduation system is as follows:

  • GOLD: From 30 Powerbreather snorkels on
  • SILVER: 20 to 29 Powerbreather snorkels on
  • BRONZE: 10 to 19 Powerbreather snorkels on

Of course, our conditions also apply to teams and clubs outside of Germany, and special conditions are also possible for sports clubs, hotels, rehabilitation and orthopaedic facilities or companies which want to invest in their company health management. 

If you belong to one of these groups and would like to take advantage of our special offer, please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss the details – in addition we will of course advise you on the choice of the right snorkel models.

Try our snorkels now – if you are not satisfied, you´ll get your money back immediately 

If at this point you’re not 100% convinced by the Powerbreather (who can blame you, you’ve probably never tried it before), we have some good news for you: We give you the opportunity to try our snorkel for 90 days – if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product – which in our experience is very unlikely – we will refund you the full purchase price. So you have absolutely nothing to lose.

All information about our worldwide money back guarantee can be found here. 

Not all snorkels are the same

We have developed the Powerbreather because we are passionate water sports enthusiasts ourselves – of course we earn our money by selling our product, but our main intention from the very beginning has been offer other sports enthusiasts exactly the snorkel that we have been wishing for for years. 

Of course there are more and more cheap snorkel models on the market, but from our own and our customers´ experience we know that it is not worth buying cheap in the long run – on the one hand you will have much less fun in the water with an inferior product, because it is uncomfortable and has many other disadvantages, such as water getting in or a lower oxygen supply when breathing, which in turn leads to a lower performance. Furthermore, after one season and intensive use in salt water, a conventional snorkel can usually be thrown away.

According to the experience of our customers a Powerbreather can be used intensively (2 times a week) for about 3 years. We regularly offer our customers in our Powerbreather community a special offer with 35-50% discount to exchange an old model for a new one. Furthermore all parts can be replaced individually.

Because quality is our priority, we give you the opportunity to test our snorkels without risk – because no sales promise can surpass the unique swimming experience with our Powerbreather. If you are not convinced after use, we will gladly give you your money back.

Take a look around our shop now, find the ideal model for you and just go in the water with it – we guarantee you pure swimming fun!